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Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi

Sep. 19th, 2012

10:43 pm

are you normal?Collapse )

Feb. 29th, 2012

06:29 pm - leap year. wooooooo!

Feb. 12th, 2012

01:12 pm

rip whitney.

some other funny videosCollapse )

Dec. 7th, 2011

04:09 pm

email my fahza just sent me.Collapse )

Sep. 13th, 2011

02:07 pm

what should i be for halloween-er?Collapse )

Aug. 11th, 2011

02:54 pm

nerd alertCollapse )

Jun. 29th, 2011

09:24 pm

just got these bad boysCollapse )

May. 13th, 2011

05:11 pm - WHYYYY

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why bones why!? i know he has a new show but did you really need to kill him? i actually clapped when i saw he was on, only to be gutted later.

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May. 5th, 2011

03:43 pm - im just a holy fool oh baby its so cruel

Mar. 23rd, 2011

09:42 pm

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